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About Bubble & Spike

Welcome to Bubble + Spike, a pet accessory brand with a purpose beyond the ordinary. Founded by Aften Bell, our journey began with a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2019 with a shared passion for dogs and a commitment to making a difference. Inspired by Aften's experiences running The Love Pit, a non-profit dog rescue, we witnessed firsthand the heartbreaking reality of dogs being re-homed or surrendered due to behavioral challenges and inadequate training.

Year after year, millions of dogs face uncertain futures, their lives hanging in the balance because of behavioral issues that could be addressed with proper training. After dedicating a decade to rescuing and rehoming dogs, we recognized a common theme: dog owners feeling overwhelmed and discouraged about training, often due to the high cost of professional trainers and a lack of accessible resources.

Acknowledging that more than half of dog owners struggle with training challenges, we identified the need for a solution. Many admitted feeling lost in the vast sea of training tools available on the market – products that were intimidating, complicated, unattractive, or simply ineffective. The result? Frustration, disappointment, and dogs at risk of losing their homes.

Motivated by the desire to bridge this gap, Bubble + Spike was born. Our mission is clear: to create simple, easy-to-use, everyday training accessories that not only work but also add a touch of modern fashion to the training journey. We believe that training should be a joyful experience for both dogs and their owners.

At Bubble + Spike, we recognize that the key to preventing the heartbreaking cycle of re-homing lies in empowering dog owners with accessible and effective training tools. Our vision goes beyond just providing products – it's about inspiring a community of dog owners who are excited about training and strengthening their bond with their furry companions.

Each product design is infused with a fun dose of fashion, making training a delightful and stylish endeavor. Our goal is to turn the overwhelming and intimidating task of training into a positive and rewarding experience for every dog owner. Together, we can change the narrative, save lives, and create a world where every dog has the chance to thrive in a loving home.

Join us at Bubble + Spike as we embark on a mission to empower dog owners, celebrate the joy of training, and, most importantly, save lives one stylish accessory at a time.