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September 28, 2020 1 min read


When creating and designing our products, we get inspired by art, fashion, textiles, raw materials, and most importantly good design. Mix all of that in with the basics of dog training and you get Bubble + Spike.

This week, we are pulling inspo from Industrial Designer, Frederick Kurzweg. His aluminum light creations form fascinating geometrical shapes and we adore the thoughtful use of color. His designs influence different ways to incorporate color and texture into our dog leashes and pet accessories. The still-life photography sparks ideas about dimensions, layers, and lighting for our photoshoots. We just can't get enough!
"The Poppy lighting collection was designed to decorate the living space like a flower. The uneven milled edges remind of the petals of the poppy flower."

"The table lamp is a variation from the Superpose pendant lamp. The two bent and rounded aluminum sheets form a strictly geometrical object with a sculptural character."
For more information on Frederik Kurzweg and his work, check out his website at