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March 06, 2024 2 min read

In the heart of Dallas, Texas, we unleashed our vision for pet accessories with a purpose. On August 1, 2019, Bubble + Spike emerged on Kickstarter, not just as a brand but as a movement dedicated to creating a positive impact in the lives of passionate dog owners.

Aften Bell, the driving force behind the brand, didn't just want to create fashionable pet products; she aspired to redefine the training tools that form an integral part of the bond between dogs and their owners. With a professional background in fashion design and product development for renowned brands like Fossil and Skagen Denmark, Aften embarked on a mission to craft training tools that were not only stylish but also durable and highly functional.

The journey began with the launch of Bubble + Spike's patented Simple Slip Lead on Kickstarter. Aften's inspiration stemmed from her experiences at The Love Pit, a rescue facility she runs in Dallas. Faced with the challenge of slip leads that wore out too quickly, she saw an opportunity to make a difference. The Simple Slip Lead was born, a testament to Aften's commitment to quality and her desire to give back to the rescue community.

The Kickstarter campaign aimed to raise $10,000 in funds, and within an inspiring 30 days, supporters from around the globe rallied behind the cause. The community recognized the uniqueness of Bubble + Spike – a brand that wasn't just producing stylish accessories but was dedicated to redefining the standards of training tools.

Fully funded and fueled by the passion of backers who shared the vision, Bubble + Spike took its first steps toward making a lasting impact. The success of the Simple Slip Lead marked the beginning of a journey that went beyond creating products; it was about fostering a connection between dogs and their owners, enriching the training experience with tools that were not only effective but also a joy to use.

Three years later, Bubble + Spike stands as a testament to the dedication of its founders. The brand has grown steadily, and the impact reaches beyond the Kickstarter community. As Bubble + Spike expands its product range, dog owners can look forward to an array of thoughtfully crafted items, from martingale collars to elevated beds, all designed to enhance the lives of dogs and their devoted humans.

The future holds exciting plans for Bubble + Spike, and the journey continues to evolve. Stay tuned for the next chapter as we pave the way for a world where pet accessories are not just tools but a celebration of the profound connection between dogs and their owners.